We Depend on Tourism

Our Local Economy Depends on Year Round Tourism

  • Studies show that owners of vacation rentals hire local people to manage, furnish, clean, repair and generally improve their homes. Rental owners know they need to keep their homes in tip-top shape in order to attract more guests.
  • Did you know that many vacation rental owners and businesses spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each year advertising their homes and our city nationwide, at no cost to the city?
  • Studies also show that families who prefer to stay in vacation rentals tend to spend more money while visiting than hotel guests, and tend to be go back to the same city year after year. And while they are visiting, it is not unusual for a family to spend hundreds of dollars daily at restaurants, shops, the outlet mall, casinos and other area businesses.
  • Studies also show that when a city starts restricting the availability of vacation rentals, tourists usually don’t switch to booking rooms in local hotels — they just book a vacation rental in a more welcoming community.
  • Towns that have gone overboard with regulation of short term rentals often revise their laws to bring the tourists back. Glenwood Springs, CO, Asheville, NC and Ashland, OR are examples of towns that recently revised laws or are considering doing so.
  • Ashland, OR Councilor David Chapman says the rentals provide “a unique and valued lodging option for tourists”. Lincoln City’s current city attorney worked for the City of Ashland during the period when laws were very restrictive, but resigned for “health reasons”, in November, 2010, before starting in Lincoln City in February, 2013.
  • A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” — we are a community. When some of us prosper, everyone benefits. When bad government regulations cause loss to some, all of us feel the effects.

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