The new VRD ordinances have been repealed

With 99% of the votes counted, the results are:

Measure 21-160: Enact Ordinance 2014-22 (VRD land use)
Yes: 789
No: 848
Measure 21-161: Enact Ordinance 2014-23 (VRD license)
Yes: 778
No: 847

Total Number of Votes: 10,668
Approximate % Counted: 99.00%
Voter Turnout %: 39.28%

As Carolyn Plummer said on 100.7 Boss FM tonight, let’s not see this as a success or a defeat, but as an opportunity to create new VRD rules and regulations that truly serve our community, and that are based on the report that the VRD Consensus Group produced.

Thanks go to everyone who signed our petitions, and to everyone who voted. Regardless of how you voted, your participation makes a difference!

2 thoughts on “The new VRD ordinances have been repealed”

  1. Congratulations!!
    It is time to punish an inept city attorney and the council and mayor that took 8 years to put together garbage legislation!
    The council in play, December 2014, rushed garbage VRD ordinances into law. All involved should never be forgiven!
    Please straighten out Dave Morgan – his rendering of what happens in Lincoln City politics needs major corrections!
    We (Bob & Vicki Hunt lived 9 years in Lincoln Citiy’s VRD Village) NW 39th. All of our VRD related issues disappeared once the police chief & code enforcement did their jobs.

    1. Bob: Thanks so much for your feedback! It is greatly appreciated. I recall you being one of the first, and very vocal, opponents of VRDs, voicing your concerns about parking, street markings, and lack of emergency vehicle access in your area. It’s good to hear the city heard you, and that you’re comfortable now, with having vacationers in your midsts. Let’s pray we all can cultivate that sort of friendly, welcoming spirit, that Oregonians are so well known for.

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