Our Property Rights

Our Property Rights Are Protected by State and Federal Law

Locally and nationally, there are many laws and court decisions that say that government entities cannot restrict property rights or enact measures that damage property values, without cause and without a demonstrating a substantial public interest. The city council failed to demonstrate that vacation rentals have a history of causing problems, and did not do any studies on how the proposed laws would impact local property values of all taxpayers, or how the proposed laws would impact local businesses that depend on tourism.

  • Oregon’s Measure 49 protects citizens from government regulations that devalue their property.
  • In the Oregon Supreme Court’s decision Yogman v. Parrott, the court decided that rights to rent a Lincoln County property as a beach house could not be denied.
  • The 4th Amendment to our Constitution protects citizens from unreasonable government intrusion into their property rights.
  • The 14th Amendment to our Constitution requires “equal protection”. You can’t treat some property owners differently than other property owners without legitimate cause. The city has not shown a legitimate cause.

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