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Noreikis is the One Being Divisive

The following Letter to the Editor appeared in the June 10, 2015 print and online (subscription required) editions of the  News Times. The letter was also submitted to the News Guard, but they declined to publish it, without comment.

Noreikis is the One Being Divisive

[Note: As the author did not submit the article with a suggested title, the News Times provided this one. -ed.]

Lincoln City Councilor Chester Noreikis‘ claim (“We all are the city,” June 3 letter to the editor) that Mayor Don Williams was being “divisive” on the budget committee couldn’t be more off the mark.

But let’s take the personal out of it and just compare Lincoln City to Newport. Newport’s population is 10,095, an annual budget of $65,827,537, 96 full-time city employees, whose compensation totals $10,825,396, or 16 percent of its budget. Lincoln City’s population is 8,040, a budget of $45,070,334, 140 employees , whose compensation totals $12,902,501, or 29 percent of its budget.
[See chart below]

Newport has one city employee for every 105 residents. Lincoln City has one for every 57 residents. Newport spends $5,448 a year for each resident; Lincoln City: $4,001.

If we divide Newport’s budget (less compensation) by their total employees, we get $572,939. This number gives us an “efficiency rating,” effectively telling how much budget is “allocated” to each employee. The larger the number, the more “cost effective” each employee is. Lincoln City’s efficiency rating is $229,770, or 40 percent of Newport’s.

Some may say this is because we don’t pay our employees enough. That may be the case, as the average total compensation for each city employee in Newport is $112,765, whereas in Lincoln City it’s $92,161. For reference , Newport has the highest median income in Lincoln County at $47,270, and Lincoln City has the lowest at $29,686.

To improve our city’s efficiency, we can either decrease our budget or reduce staff. Since our budget generally increases every year due to our property tax increases, all 14 budget committee members , including Councilor Noreikis, should have at least been willing to discuss staffing reductions.

Losing jobs to budget cuts is painful for all concerned, but no one should take it personal. Why then, is Councilor Noreikis?

Ross Smith, Lincoln City

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Different Set of Standards

The following letter to the Editor appeared in the June 6, 2015 print edition of the News Guard. It appears The News Guard chose not to post it on their web site.

Recently it was brought to my attention that City Council member Chester Noreikis had not purchased an occupational tax permit for 2015, even though he has worked for Lake Village Condos for over ten years as an independent contractor.

Public records indicate he has not had an occupational permit since 2005. This would indicate he has contract for ten years in violation of city chapter 5.04 ordinance, revised 2013-20. The fines associated with this violation would amount to thousands of dollars if enforced.

This would also be a violation of his oath of office which states that he will support the charter and ordinances of the city, and his credibility is questionable.

The city administration was fully aware of this violation and he did apply for a permit on April 28, 2015, four months after the due date. This should cause four months of fines to be assessed.

I submitted a public information request form for any fines which might have been assessed for his violation and apparently he was not assessed any fines.

He was given a letter on May 4, 2015 asking for his resignation form the council because of this continued disregard of city rules.

It appears that there is a different set of standards for citizens that purchase permits and pay fines, complying with the ordinances, as opposed to being part of the “good old boys club”.

You be the judge. (All information from public records).

Jerry Warner
Lincoln City